Hi! This post should have been written 3 weeks ago…and it wasn’t. Blame it on a combination of bad time management and a whoooole lotta Mother’s Day Minis to edit!

Hopefully by now you’ve gotten mom’s gift, and it’s sitting, wrapped and ready to present to her on Sunday.

However….if you’re a last minute planner, like myself, then here are 3 gift ideas that I would personally LOVE. And the best part is, you can pick them up right here in Okotoks!

A custom floral arrangement from Boy o Boy Flowers.

I stumbled upon Nikole’s business when I wandered into Main Street Market one day, looking for a last minute birthday gift. I asked about buying a bouquet, and, after telling her about colours and style that my friend would like, she whipped up one of the most beautiful arrangements I’ve seen, in about ten minutes. Where is it? At the back of Main Street Market, which is located right on Elizabeth Street!

A sweet treat from Brown Sugar Bake Shop.

I am not a cake person. And I ADORE their cupcakes. Located on the corner of Milligan and 32nd Ave (the strip mall behind the 7/11), their display cooler is always full of the most delicious and beautiful desserts!

image from Google

Pretty much anything from The Buffalo Room

Are you tired of hearing me talk about how much I love Saskatoon Farm? Too bad.

This boutique inside the main building is what my dreams are made of. From clothing, jewelry, home decor and more…I’d buy out the entire store if I could.

image from Instagram

Happy shopping! Feel free to send this post to my husband… I suspect he’ll need it!

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