Capturing connection is what I do best

Your babies are growing faster than you ever thought possible...

Photography is a way to hold on to the newborn snuggles and the toddler giggles and the 7 year old sass.  I can’t stop time (trust me, I’ve tried!), but I can capture snippets of precious moments for you to hold on to.  I can’t BELIEVE that I get to photograph so many families, with all their real emotions, so they can turn those moments into physical treasures. To be trusted so deeply is a privilege I will never take for granted. 

when I first started photography...

I loved it because it was a way to express my creativity. But over the years, I’ve realized my true passion is documenting mamas & their babies, because that connection is closest to my heart. 
So many moms have told me that they’ve given up on family photos because it’s too much of an ordeal. Those comments break my heart, because it does NOT have to be that way! Family photos can and should be something to look forward to. You don’t have to stand stiffly with a fake smile that’s been plastered on so long, your face is starting to hurt.



your session feels like a scene in a movie

Tickle fights, walks through the grass, picnics on a blanket, hugs, cuddles…the possibilities are endless! My goal is to make sure that when you leave, the WHOLE family is excited to come back and do it all over again. 

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makeup videos!


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give it to God

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Mere Christianity


my family

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 Life Itself

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making my own clothes


anything with PB and chocolate










Dance party

Lively discussion

I trust her wholeheartedly to capture our most special moments and I want her to be my photographer forever!

I’ve been blown away by what Ivania captures in all 3 of the sessions she’s done of my family and I. She has such amazing artistic talent, and was able to somehow freeze beautiful moments I didn’t even realize were happening! She has an amazing client closet and helps you choose outfits that makes you as a mom feel beautiful, and that make the end photos a work of art.

Alicia M

There aren’t enough words to describe how amazing each and every photo that Ivania took of our little family is!

Brings me to tears just looking through them all. She was instantly able to put my family at ease, and capture some absolutely magical moments that I will treasure forever!! She also has a client closet to die for, making the process that much easier because you don't have to stress over what to wear. I simply cannot recommend her enough!

LeRae B

You know it’s good when every member of your family looks forward to photo sessions!

My family has had the pleasure of working with Ivania five times now and every single time has been an absolute dream come true experience. From helping me coordinate outfits, to calming my jittery sons, to making my husband feel at ease, she can do it all. She has a way of effortlessly guiding poses, but nothing looks overly posed. Ivania has captured our family during so many stages of life-  she always encapsulates everyone’s personality so beautifully.

Avery V

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